Owner/Creative Designer



The birth of 3Shades Chic stemmed from a simple idea...creating unique, handcrafted jewelry using a variety of high quality gemstones, charms, and metals. 

Making our customers feel special and unique like EACH Piece we Design.


I approached my jewelry design venture with an interior design background which gives me a keen advantage in understanding the dynamics of mixing color and texture to create beautiful pieces that are all unique and boasting with personality. 


 The  name 3Shades Chic (3SC) ... the “3” represents how many times a 3SC piece is handcrafted. The word “shades” represents the three shades of beautiful women in my family and “chic” embodies the look of the product. 

The end result...CHIC!


womensfashion, mens jewelry, necklaces, bracelets,  earrings, hoops

necklaces, handmade, mens bracelets, women's bracelets